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Card for Genealogy Services

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By djelliott

Card for Genealogy Services

What Kind of Business Card I Have

I provide professional genealogy research services and create classes that emphasize using the Internet as a genealogy resource.

My business card is designed to promote those services and to advertise my research interests, in the hopes of finding kindred researchers.

How I Created My Business Card

I used a standard MS Word 2k3 template for my business card. However, I used the layout to create a two-sided card. The graphic is designed for genealogy showing families as 'leafs' with a color pattern to represent paternal and maternal lines. I used Times New Roman because it is easier to read and conserves space.

What I'd Do Differently

  • I wish the card had more 'punch' and didn't seem so static. I am not sure all the real estate used for the address information isn't wasted. Really, since I don't have a storefront, do I need a physical address? Would a cell number & email address suffice?

The Software I Used and Why

I started with MS Word 2K3, but couldn't get it to print 2-sided correctly. The 'sides' of the business card would not line up, even though I tried a number of techniques. Much to my surprise, the business card template printed perfectly 'lined up' when done in MS Publisher.

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