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An Eye for Design... Business Card for Avid Eye Design

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By kjudge_larkhill

An Eye for Design... Business Card for Avid Eye Design

Avid Eye Design - Kate Judge

What Kind of Business Card I Have

I have a two sided vertical card with glossy front, large logo and contact info in lime green and black. The back is matte green with large logo reversed out in a paler green.

How I Created My Business Card

I first designed my logo isolating the eye from an engraved antique print. I used a fresh green colour for the pupil of the eye and repeated it in the text and colour bar at the bottom. I repeated a larger portion of the eye on the back of the card with a lighter green reversed out of the same green.

What I'd Do Differently

  • I would add the words Graphic & Web Design as it is not clear what kind of design I do.

The Software I Used and Why

Adobe Illustrator. Works well with vector artwork.

The Layout I Used and Why

Vertical Layout. Just a bit different and worked well with my logo and text.

The Fonts and/or Images I Used and Why

I used an antique print as the basis of my logo so I used Trajan which is an elelgant classic serif font. I used Franklin Gothic Book for the smaller details.

The Paper and Printing Method I Used and Why

I used an online printing company to print my card as the quality of printing (offset) and card stock was excellent and the pricing was better than local digital print quotes.

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