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2-Sided Card That's "feminine yet strong"

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By Alta

2-Sided Card That's "feminine yet strong"

AQD business card front

2-Sided Card That's "feminine yet strong"

AQD business card back

What Kind of Business Card I Have

I freelanced since 2005 and want to start/establish my own business, AQD in 2010. I focus on Graphic Design and Illustration and look forward to find great clients and projects where I can combine illustration with design.I enjoy layout:banners,flyers,company profiles etc. Most of my established clients are church and charity organizations, small business owners, hobbyists & friends.I like to keep it simple but hope to grow in powerful design concepts rather than fancy techniques or clutter in my designs. I would like to network with other freelance designers to outsource work, brainstorm and get feedback.

How I Created My Business Card

Coral Draw 12. Main components: scanned pattern background, Vector logo (the face and tree combination profile), NAME, slogan, address details. I like the contrast of the darker color against the pattern background, with the magenta highlights. Important for me: it is feminine yet strong. My logo gives the card a contemplative, mysterious touch, but the name AQD remains the focal point. On the back of my card I used a less formal approach – although my designs can sometimes be stiff, too stagnant, I like to put in some flair, like on the back of my card.

What I'd Do Differently

  • It was not a good idea to change my logo on the card. I separated the image from the name (AQD) – I should have used them together like I do on my invoicing etc.
  • It should have used more illustration in my design because that is my two main focuses: illustration and design.
  • At this stage I just wanted my card to look pretty, next time I`ll put more thought into it – perhaps, with the use of illustration – focus on creative concept developing.

The Software I Used and Why

I used Corel Draw 12, I am familiar with the software.

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