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Reader Submissions: Your Business Card


Business cards serve many purposes but their primary purpose is to tell what you do and give the recipient a way to contact you. There are thousands of ways they can do that. Which way did you choose? Horizontal or vertical. Standard size, folded, or unusual shape. Plain or pre-designed paper or some other material. Minimalist or full to the brim. Logo, illustration, photo, or text only. Professionally printed or printed from your desktop. Designed it yourself or hired someone else. Browse these business card submissions from our readers and find out how others approach business card design for themselves.

Multi-Purpose Business Card

I have used Photoshop and other business card designing for it. I have used the combination of white and gray which will be suitable for all kind of online business and make your unique identity. Get…More

DJ Business Card Made Online

I went to 1800businesscards.com and chose one of their templates. The process was easy in their great online web tool and as soon as I created the design I selected the specs and then added it to my …More

No Flimsy Paper Here - It's a Metal Business Card

I wanted a standard shaped card but one that looked different and felt different. Metal business cards really do make an impact and create attention.The metal business card is 0.2mm in thickness and …More

Promotional Card Featuring a QR Code

I used Adobe Photoshop as my Graphics Software. The card contains: * a basic outline of info * church icon * photos of church and activities (& a map) * use of design (layout and choice of color) to …More

pixeldesign Business Card - Cool, Clean, Modern

I made my card first with another logo which also depicted a representation of a screen and rgb and cmyk but when i posted the website i didn't got alot of reaction,it didn't work well,I re-read Paul…More

Card from On Q Graphic Design Using Illustrator & InDesign

I entered my card here before, but I recently made some changes. I had a .5 pt. round corner stroke around the card at .125" from the edge. Because I print them myself, 12 cards at a time on a standa…More

Mini Cards Made in Illustrator

I used Illustrator and Photoshop to create my cards. I decided to take advantage of the fact that I could have multiple images printed on the front side. So, I came up with the theme of "lucky" symbo…More

Biz Card Created Through Vista Print for Auto Detailing Business

I was searching for the best of the best Unique business card making company to advetise my business. I came accross Vista Print where they help you step by step to create your business needs. I orde…More

An Eye for Design... Business Card for Avid Eye Design

I first designed my logo isolating the eye from an engraved antique print. I used a fresh green colour for the pupil of the eye and repeated it in the text and colour bar at the bottom. I repeated a …More

An Eye for Design... Business Card for Avid Eye Design

I first designed my logo isolating the eye from an engraved antique print. I used a fresh green colour for the pupil of the eye and repeated it in the text and colour bar at the bottom. I repeated a …More

Circuits are Flowing in this Business Card Design

I created this business with a "future perfect" look and feel, giving the impression of digital design, look and feel. The eye represents thorough clarification, while the background circuits represe…More

Portrait Style Business Card from Mavencreation

I used Adobe Illustrator CS4 for designing my card. My previous cards were in landscape style but this time I used Portrait style. Card has an image of "pencils in stand" which i have converted into …More

Square With Rounded Corners

The business card's design is based on the logo I made for myself as part of self-promotion as a graphic designer, the card is created in relation to my Chinese culture.In the (golden) olden days, in…More

Basic Business Card and a Mini-Portfolio Version

Started with the appropriate layout for the card, I came up with a general list of things I wanted to include on it, while keeping it simple. Then moved on from there.While working with Indesign, I a…More

Blue & White Digitally Printed Business Card

Goals were to have a clean, memorable design that would stand out from the sea of stock designs. I decided on a high-contrast area to highlight important contact info and a white space to make the te…More

Card for Genealogy Services

I used a standard MS Word 2k3 template for my business card. However, I used the layout to create a two-sided card. The graphic is designed for genealogy showing families as 'leafs' with a color patt…More

2-Sided Card That's "feminine yet strong"

Coral Draw 12. Main components: scanned pattern background, Vector logo (the face and tree combination profile), NAME, slogan, address details. I like the contrast of the darker color against the pat…More

4-Sided Laser-Printed Business Card

Illustrator and Pagemaker (because I print my own).Logo in Illustrator, remaining layout Pagemaker for ease of printing two sides. I went through at least five or six designs in two years before I fi…More

Business Card Created for Class Project

Standard 2.5" x 3" size, using only two colors (2 shades of blue), I used two type faces: Forte and Monotype Corsiva (if I spelled that right). A dark blue trim and a light blue scribble effect to ad…More

Artist's Business Card

I used Microsoft Office Publishing to create my business cards.I also have Adobe Photoshop Elements and Corel Painter Elements.My digital camera is very useful in doing the photos.It make me happy to…More

2-Sided Photography Business Card

The (photo)graphic side explains itself. Photos are filtered and scaled in PS. The original one (submitted to the print shop) has of course 300 pix/inch. For this submission here I resized the photog…More

Business Card With Calendar

I alway use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator as a graphic designer, so I wanted to use them in the creation of my card as well.The headshot of myself was manipulated in Photoshop to a BW posterized -c…More

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