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Reader Reviews : QuarkXPress

User Rating 3.5 Star Rating (3 Reviews)


In the late 80s and 90s Quark usurped the desktop publishing community's first love, PageMaker, with QuarkXPress. Once the undisputed king of desktop publishing software applications for both Mac and Windows users, Quark's premiere product - QuarkXPress - is still a powerhouse publishing platform despite strong competition from Adobe InDesign.

QuarkXPress is Streamlined, Easy, Just Works

I'm a die-hard loyal fan of Quark. It's what I learned in college, and what I've used at every job I've had since. It did have a rocky period, around version 6, but the new version - 8 - absolutely r…More

QuarkXPress Fail - Moved on to InDesign

I only use Quark to save 6.5 files down to version 5, then again down to version 4 so I can then easily open with InDesign... InDesign is THE BEST LAYOUT SOFTWARE TO USE IN THE DESIGN/PRINTING INDUST…More

QuarkXPress User Review

Speed. That's Quark's biggest strength in my opinion. I can get in and get things done in the same amount of time I'm fiddling around in InDesign trying to figure out which palette or panel has what …More

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