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Thrilled With The Print Shop 15 for PC

Reader Reviews: The Print Shop

User Rating 5 Star Rating

By John Russell

The Print Shop

Version of The Print Shop You're Reviewing: 

version 15

Mac or Windows?: 


How Long Have You Used The Print Shop (any)? 

Over 5 years

#1 Reason You Bought The Print Shop 


Rate the Overall Ease of Use: 


#1 Strength in This Version 

Quick and easy to use once you have developed a template for what you do most.

#1 Weakness in This Version 

Precision print alignment when changed messes up all previous work and you cannot open a previous project without having to fix all the changes it has made due to the settings.

My Review 

I am thrilled with version 15 for PC. Better than the Mac version. Mac version is not as versatile as the PC version. If I had my choice I would definitely buy the PC version. The PC version has more control over radiant glow, hairline lines, and easier to select items you want to grab and change. The Mac version is quite annoying, it wants to grab a lot of things at once, slows you down. There are a lot of cheesy graphics nobody will ever use unless you are 5 years old. I import a lot of my own photos for the coolness factor, although it dies have many useable photos and fine art pics. For the price, it is a powerful tool for my guitar teaching business. All my lesson materials and ads are all done here and look pro, but I have been using it for 9 years, you get good after a while. I feel there are very few advantages of buying Print Shop 3, you actually lose tools you have in earlier versions unless you buy the Pro one for $100!!!? Everything created in earlier versions will not load in the new Print Shop 2 or 3. My advice would be to buy any PC version before Print Shop 2, and since they won't be selling them much longer, I presume, get any version up to 23, they are all on sale, best bang for you buck.

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