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The Print Shop 2.0 Backslides

Reader Reviews: The Print Shop

User Rating 2 Star Rating

By Sandi P

The Print Shop 2.0 Backslides

The Print Shop 2.0 Deluxe

The Print Shop 2.0 Backslides

The Print Shop 2.0 Professional

The Print Shop

Version of The Print Shop You're Reviewing: 

Print Shop 2.0

Mac or Windows?: 


How Long Have You Used The Print Shop (any)? 

Over 5 years

#1 Reason You Bought The Print Shop 

Familiar with Broderbund name

Rate the Overall Ease of Use: 

Very Beginner-Friendly

#1 Strength in This Version 

Ease of Use

#1 Weakness in This Version 

Lacks features found in previous versions and not only less images, but not nearly the quality I'm use to.

My Review 

I've been using Print Shop since version 11 came out years ago. I create posters, CD covers, brochures etc for both personal and professional use. I have updated my Print Shop versions at least every year or two....my latest purchase being PRINT SHOP 2.0. Having moved to Windows 7, I could no longer use previous versions. PRINT SHOP 2.0 is like going back in time. Features I had in Deluxe 22 do not exist in 2.0. The images in 2.0 are pathetic..not nearly as many images and very poor options. 2.0 is also a backslide when it comes to features. Many of the features I relied on are no longer available.

Would you recommend this to a friend? 


Jacci Howard Bear, About.com Desktop Publishing, says:

If you are new to The Print Shop line, you might not miss some of the old features. But, older versions of the software are still available as well if you want to try them.
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