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PrintMaster 2012 is 'User Unfriendly'

Reader Reviews: PrintMaster

User Rating 1 Star Rating

By lgray


Version of PrintMaster You're Reviewing: 

Printmaster 2012 Platinum

Mac or Windows?: 


How Long Have You Used PrintMaster (any)? 

Over 5 years

#1 Reason You Bought PrintMaster 

Recommended by Friend/Associate

Rate the Overall Ease of Use: 

Somewhat Confusing/Difficult

#1 Strength in This Version 

Have not found any strengths

#1 Weakness in This Version 

Would like to interchange clip art with word or use web clipart which this program will not support.

My Review 

This is the most "user unfriendly" program I have ever used. It is difficult to manuever around. Overall many steps backwards from the previous version. I absolutely would not recommend Printmaster 2012 Platinum to anyone!

Would you recommend this to a friend? 

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