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Reader Reviews : PrintMaster

User Rating 1.5 Star Rating (89 Reviews)


When Broderbund introduced the upgrade that isn't an upgrade from the very popular PrintMaster 18 and earlier to the all new PrintMaster 2 and PrintMaster 2011 some users were less than thrilled. Find out what changed and what works or doesn't work in the PrintMaster line of desktop publishing software. Users have a lot to say in these Broderbund PrintMaster reviews. Not all good.

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PrintMaster Half What It Used to Be

I find this version that says it is user friendly not that friendly at all after using the other print program for several years with no problem. This one I have trouble with trying to get the clip a…More

PrintMaster is A 'Disappointing Purchase'

I am incredibly disappointed. I can't find where to add a table to save my life. Some of my favorite graphics are gone. I use this program at least once a week on school projects for my class. I can'…More

After 15 Years of Versatility, New PrintMaster is a Bust

I have used print master gold for at least 15 years or longer great program, very user friendly and much more versatile . the newer version Printmaster Platinum 2012 really sucks compared to the olde…More

New PrintMaster is Awful Waste of Money Says This User

AWFUL!!!!!! I used to love PrintMaster & recommended it to all my friends. This version is a waste of money. You can't even copy/paste from one file to another, you can only have one file open at a t…More

Frustration After Frustration with PrintMaster 2012 Platinum

I make bookmarks. I like to make cards. But haven't figured out how to customize as I used to do on the older version. PrintMaster used to be a good program. I loved it! But now, on my Mac, I have ha…More

'Very Disappointed With This Version' PrintMaster 2012 Platinum

I loved my older version of PrintMaster on my PC. It is true that there has been a bit of a learning curve getting used to things on my Mac but one basic thing I used to do was create bookmarks. It h…More

PrintMaster Not What It Used To Be

I have used the Printmaster product for so many years and have always bragged about the ease of use. But this version is not what it use to be. It will not open any of my previous 100 or so projects …More

PrintMaster 2012: Iron-On Transfers - 'No Flipping Way'

I have spent several hours creating what I want to use for an iron-on transfer. I spent over two hours trying to find the "flip" button to reverse the image for this iron-on. With no success, I calle…More

A Happy User of PrintMaster 2012 Platinum

If appears that many people are very disappointed in this product, but that has not been my experience. Pages were extremely easy to create and the many backgrounds enabled me to choose an appropriat…More

Not a Happy Customer - PrintMaster 2012

I have used the PrintMaster program for many years and have become very skilled at using the program. As a business owner I have created many documents, brochures, labels etc. It has become a very va…More

Not a Fan of PrintMaster 18 But Doesn't Want Newer Ones

I know most people won't agree with me but I liked the older versions of PM because I didn't have to load so much stuff on my computer, even though I have the space etc..I liked keeping things neater…More

PrintMaster Platinum - Nothing Good to Say

I have used Printmaster 7 and then Printmaster 11. I loved them both, especially Printmaster 11. I work with pictures a lot, and I loved having the color pallet where I could get my pictures the exac…More

PrintMaster 2012: Tedious and Stifles Creativity

The more I use 2012 Platinum, the more I dislike it and hate the fact I wasted my money on it. I used to make several cards a year, and my Christmas cards, but it's been so tedious to do each one, th…More

PrintMaster 2012: Upgraded to More Clip Art But Less Functionality

i bought the Printmaster 2012 thinking i would have more options in editing and more clip arts and just more tools to work with. but the sad thing is that YES it has lot more clip arts to choose from…More

Throw it in a Drawer & Forget It: PrintMaster 23

This is the worst waste of money. Aftr using PrintMaster for years then getting this , UP GRADE, VERSION I AM VERY DISAPOINTED.. This version will go into the drawer and never be used. It is not user…More

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