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Reader Reviews : PrintMaster

User Rating 1.5 Star Rating (53 Reviews)


When Broderbund introduced the upgrade that isn't an upgrade from the very popular PrintMaster 18 and earlier to the all new PrintMaster 2 and PrintMaster 2011 some users were less than thrilled. Find out what changed and what works or doesn't work in the PrintMaster line of desktop publishing software. Users have a lot to say in these Broderbund PrintMaster reviews. Not all good.

Can't Do as Much With Graphics in PrintMaster 2011

I used to customize the graphics and clip art to personalize them for my projects, and can no longer do that in 2011 version. Also, it doesn't let you copy and paste clipart from online or other prog…More

PrintMaster 2012 Needs a User's Manual

I have used Printmaster programs for years without any problems. However, older programs included user manuals. Printmaster 2012 is very complicated and hard to understand. It definitely needs A USER…More

PrintMaster 2012 - Not User Friendly

Absolutely not user friendly. Does not operate copy paste, cut paste like standard programs. Requires past experiance or hours reading help manual. No intuitiveness at all about it.Do not reccommend …More

Upgrade is Not an Upgrade - PrintMaster 2012

I have used Printmaster for years. Upgrading with each new version. This version is not compatible with any of my work. I used the calendar feature to make menus for my wife's daycare. Imagine my dis…More

Peggy says 'Don't Spend Money on This'

I do not like the new version. I used the old one to make church bulletins and other things we needed to do with flyer, sign up sheets and so on and this one doesn't have any of the good stuff the ol…More

No 1/4 Fold Card Templates? PrintMaster 2012

All I really wanted to do was continue making 1/4 fold greeting cards (mainly)like I have been doing for years with an older version of Printmaster. As I got Windows 7, so I had to update my version …More

UN-USER Friendly PrintMaster: Grade F

As I've read from other reviews, PrintMaster 2.0 is very UN-USER friendly. Being a long time PrintMaster user, (latest version before this that I was using was v. 17), I am very unhappy with the new …More

PrintMaster 2012 - Big Mistake

I have been using Print Master Platinum 10 for many years and have made over 1500 greeting cards, banners, labels, letters, posters, etc., etc. Well when my computer gave out I discovered that my new…More

PrinterMaster 2012 - No Manual and Big Disappointment

Until buying PrintMaster 2012 I have always been a supporter of PM programs. I am totally lost with this software. There is no instructions of any kind, no manual, no nothing. I am very disappointed …More

PrintMaster Upgrade Lost Its Intuitiveness

Do not buy this program. I had an older version and it was basic, but easy to use, quite intuitive. This one is not. It is slow, confusing and not at all what I was looking for. I have tried several …More

PrintMaster Not the Master Anymore

I purchased this to make greeting cards. The older version would not work on my new computer. Instead of using the power of new technology to improve the program most of the features were eliminated …More

Don't bother with Printmaster 2 or 2011 Says Rosey

This program is garbage. You can't use previous PM projects, it's confusing and many of the most handy features have been lost. The program is set up to use the premade templates, rather than using y…More

12+ hours to install PrintMaster 2012 Platinum!

It took over 12 hours (!) to install this on Windows xp with plenty of memory, and subsequently over 12 hours to uninstall. The wait time between clicking the font selection button and list of fonts …More

Simple is Impossible With PrintMaster 2011

Trying to work out how to make a quarter fold card. Should be simple but I haven't managed it yet. Very messy and hard to get around the program. Printmaster Version 18 is much better.Not impressed w…More

PrintMaster 2012 is 'User Unfriendly'

This is the most "user unfriendly" program I have ever used. It is difficult to manuever around. Overall many steps backwards from the previous version. I absolutely would not recommend Printmaster 2…More

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