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Create a Certificate of Recognition in Microsoft Word


Start With a Template
Framed certificate

Make a certificate that's worthy of framing. (Note that the outer frame has been added in Photoshop to simulate a real wood frame. It is not part of this tutorial.)

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You may need: Microsoft Word 2010 | Certificate Templates | Specialty Paper | Fonts
You need to know: 11 Parts of an Award Certificate

Microsoft Word is not desktop publishing software. However, a lot of people do use it to create projects that fall under the desktop publishing heading. Like certificates. Follow the steps in this tutorial to create a certificate very much like the one shown above. The only difference is it will be personalized by you. The fancy border and the curved certificate title are part of the template. You just add a name and description and dress it up with a fancy seal. It's all done entirely in Word 2010.

  1. Download one or all of these files. Each ZIP file contains 3 PNG images, one of each certificate type (Appreciation, Recognition, and Achievement) in the specified color.

  2. The illustrations in this tutorial use the green Certificate of Recognition. It, as well as all the templates, is an image of the certificate border, the title of the certificate (arched) and the presentation line (is hereby awarded to) plus a signature line. The blank space in the middle is for your own descriptive text which we will add. The gold seal with ribbons is not part of the template. We'll create that using Shapes and Text Effects as part of this tutorial.

Got your certificate template? Now open up Word but don't insert the template just yet. You'll need to get your document set up first.

Tasks And Steps In This Tutorial:

  1. this page Get the template for the certificate of your choice.
  2. Set up a new document for use with the certificate template.
  3. Add personalized text to the certificate.
  4. Use Shapes & Text on a Path to create a gold seal with ribbons. (3 pages)
  5. Print the finished certificate.

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