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Visual Monitor Calibration Tests

Compiled by Jacci Howard Bear

For many users, a few simple adjustments to contrast and brightness are sufficient for their color management needs. These tests and instructions offer a variety of options for calibrating a monitor without calibration tools or custom profiles. Try the tips and tests at the first few links, below, to find out if your monitor is in need of some color tweaking.

Need more color management? See Calibrate Your Monitor.

Norman Koren
This detailed tutorial describes one way to use test images for monitor and printer calibration without using color management software.

Use this Synthesized MacBeth ColorChecker of 24 color blocks to adjust your display til the colors 'look right.'

One stop calibration for color, brightness/contrast, black/white point, and gamma.

Calibrate Your Monitor
The first step in managing color is to calibrate your monitor. Learn why it is important and how to do it visually or with software.

Reader Recommended Color Calibration Tools and Advice
Do you calibrate your monitor, printer, scanner, and digital camera? If not, why not? If so, what methods do you use? Tell us about the color calibration software or tools that you swear by.

How to Test and Calibrate Your PC Monitor
An overview from About.com Peripherals on basic monitor adjustments for your best viewing experience.

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