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Designing for the Vision-Impaired

Browse resources that address color and design issues related to visual perception. Discover how to use color effectively in graphic design and desktop publishing for audiences with limited eyesight.
  1. Graphic Design Basics

APHont(tm) - A Font for Low Vision
Download a free font designed specifically for low vision readers from The American Printing House for the Blind.

Color Contrast and Partial Sight
Discover how people see color and ways to use it more effectively for those with limited eyesight. Lighthouse International explains.

Design for the Aging Population
ERGO/GERO focuses on various store and marketing design topics especially for the older consumer where poor eyesight as welll as descreased mobility are considerations.

Designing for the partially sighted
Phil Baines disputes some of the suggested guidelines directed at graphic designers when it comes to designing projects, specifically the use of typography, intended for people with various visual disabilities.

Making Signs and Packaging Conspicuous
Degraded eyesight is one major consideration in our aging population. Learn to compensate with signs and packages that stand out rather than confuse in this article from ERGO/GERO.

Marketing and Displays for the Older Consumer
While this ERGO/GERO article deals primarily with store lighting and cluttered displays, some of the concepts can be applied to print designs as well.

Print Legibility and Partial Sight
From Lighthouse International, 10 ways to make your documents easier to read.

Designing with color, especially for the elderly consumer. This ERGO/GERO FAQ covers many aspects of color in design.

Twelve Things You Should Know About Color
Applicable to all, but especially to those with less than perfect eyesight explore twelve color facts from ERGO/GERO.

Unified Web Site Accessibility Guidelines
How to design an artistic, creative Web site that is still accessible and enjoyable by people with disabilities is the focus of these W3C guidelines.

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