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Typography Information


Typography Information

Typography is the creation, use, and admiration of type in all its forms.

Find both general and specific typography information for designers and the general public. Explore definitions, tutorials, and FAQs,covering typography information and lessons on font design, text composition, and font software.

Defining Typography:

To do typography first requires understanding what it is and how it is used.

Typography Basics:

You don't need a degree in graphic design or typography to use digital type. But an understanding of the basics of typeface anatomy and classification, text composition, and the technical issues of working with digital type will help you do better work as a designer, publisher, and visual communicator. Explore this basic typography information:

Text Composition Information:

In desktop publishing and graphic design, composing type or typesetting is the primary component of page layout. It's all about arranging text on the page.

Digital Type Information:

The fun and sometimes frustrating side of typography in desktop publishing and graphic design is the collection, selection and use of digital type.

Typography Software Information:

Font software used in desktop publishing falls into two main categories: software for designing digital type and software for managing digital type.

Typography Education and Career Information:

Careers in typography and type design may evolve from a graphic design or typography education or from education or careers in art and design,printing, printmaking, signmaking, calligraphy, or other related fields that utilize type. Get the typography information you need to know and how you can pursue a typography education or career.
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