1. Technology
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Tighten Text


Tighten the text

Adjust tracking, letter or word spacing, or hyphenation to tighten the text

You can control line endings on all lines as well as widows and orphans by making your hyphenation zone larger — forcing more words to hyphenate. Manually hyphenating some lines can also force changes that will eliminate some widows and orphans without changing entire sections of your document.

You can use tighter tracking, letter spacing, or character spacing to change line endings. You might want to apply these changes globally throughout your document or only in certain areas. Sometimes tightening the spacing on just one line or even one word can be enough to force a change.

Tightening text (putting less space between words and/or between characters) has an overall effect of making more room in a document. It can be used (with care) to not only eliminate dangling words but to create less ragged line endings and save space by fitting more words onto a single page.

Be aware that even when tightening text in only one paragraph, subsequent paragraphs may be affected simply by moving them higher on the page. Always check the entire document even when applying changes to just a portion.

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