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Typography Tutorials - Spacing

Peruse typography tutorials and articles on effectively using line spacing and letter spacing. Learn how to kern headlines, set leading, and use tracking. Space out your type using indents and paragraph spacing.
  1. White Space

Lost in Spaces: Typesetting the space between words
Don't just hit the spacebar. Explore the use of special space characters in common use for type in print and sometimes on the Web.

One Space or Two - What Do You Do? How Do You Feel About Using One or…
Tell us how you really feel about using one space or two after ending punctuation (period, full stop, question mark, exclamation point).

Paragraph Spacing Methods
There are some types of literature that people will read no matter how it looks. But for most material, it takes coaxing. It takes careful attention to typographic details to make the reading material look inviting. Three ways to improve the appearance of a page layout are to use space, graphics, and contrast to break up text.

Avoid Default Indent Settings
Get tips on when to use smaller or larger paragraph indentations.

Eliminate Excess Spacing in Bullet Lists and Other Types of Lists
Usually space is good. Layouts with too little white space look crowded and are harder to read. But the wrong space has just as bad an effect as too little space. Here are 4 ways to eliminate unwanted space in bulleted, numbered, or other types of lists.

How to Create a Basic Grid
Here's how to create a basic leading grid in Adobe PageMaker.

Kerning and Tracking
Learn how to change character spacing and use kerning creatively.

Leading and Line Spacing
Find out how leading is measured and how to set line spacing for your type.

Line Endings - Widows and Orphans
Get advice on different ways of handling widows and orphans.

Paragraph Spacing
Learn the proper way to put space between paragraphs without resorting to double hard returns.

Short Phrases - Widows and Orphans Not at the Top or Bottom of Columns
Some designers consider any word or short phrase at the end of a paragraph a widow or orphan — if it doesn't extend across at least one-fourth to one-third of the column width.

Tighten Text to Adjust Widows and Orphans and Ragged Line Endings
Adjust tracking, letter or word spacing, or hyphenation to tighten text and eliminate dangling words.

Use Indents or Spacing, Not Both, to Separate Paragraphs
Be consistent and stick with just spacing or just indents for separating paragraphs of text.

Remove Extra Spaces Between Sentences and Paragraphs of Text
Even though properly typeset material uses one space after a period, many people still type two spaces as if still using an old-fashioned typewriter. The fastest way to get rid of those extra spaces before importing text into your page layout program is to search your document for two spaces and replace those with a single space, preferrably...

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