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Using Hanging Punctuation


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Creating Hanging Punctuation
Hanging punctuation in Photoshop

Even Photoshop has hanging punctuation options, although page layout apps such as InDesign, Ventura, and QuarkXPress 8 offer more control over the hanging punctuation.

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It may take extra time to hang your punctuation, especially if your software has no automatic alignment options, but the results are noticeable.

In some programs, such as Corel Ventura, Adobe Creative Suite applications, and QuarkXPress 8, hanging punctuation is an automated function. However, even with the assistance of the software, the default settings are not always optimal. It may be necessary to fine-tune your text after using these tools. Also, the appearance of your hanging punctuation may change a little or a lot if you change the typeface, font size, or text alignment.


  1. With text selected, choose Type > Story to open the Story palette
  2. Check the Optical Margin Adjustment box
  3. Enter an amount of overhang (how much the punctuation and serifs will fall outside the margin edges)
    Note: Start by setting the overhang the same as the text size then adjust as necessary.

Photoshop & Illustrator

With your cursor in your text block, check off Hang Punctuation or Roman Hanging Punctuation (may vary by version) from the Paragraph palette's fly-out menu. It will apply to left, right, or both margins depending on the text alignment selected for that text.

QuarkXPress 8

  1. Select your text
  2. Go to Style > Formats.
  3. Open Paragraph Attributes > Formats
  4. From the Hanging Character Set drop-down menu, choose Hanging Punctuation or Punctuation Margin Alignment
    You can use the edit options to fine-tune your hanging punctuation and apply your hanging punctuation settings to a style sheet.
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