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Graphic designers use creative typography to communicate more than just the basic meaning of the words. Explore creative ways to use type including student work, posters, and fanciful type treatments. Do typographic exercises that allow you to expand your own creative use of type and fonts.
  1. Type Design

Balldrop, An Experiment in Type Design
Take a look at a typeface I've been working on. The AI/EPS files are available for download. Turn some of these letters in drop caps or logos.

Featured Free Fonts in Use
Artwork I create to showcase free fonts featured from time to time in my blog. Get ideas, inspiration, and some quality fonts.

Even if you don't have kids you'll enjoy the typographic fun in this book about dinosaurs — each featured in its own typographic style.

Exploring Found Typography
While you might not have access to a hand-fed letterpress or be enrolled in a graphic design and typography class, anyone could try the typography exploration exercises described by Brian P. Lawler in this creativepro.com article.

How to Turn Words Into Snowflakes
All you need is a vector graphics program, some fonts, and imagination. Create graphic snowflakes or icons using words. You could think of it as secret writing because the word is hidden in the snowflake. Or use non-sense words simply because they create beautiful shapes and patterns.

Text Effects in Adobe InDesign
Sometimes you might want to dress up your text a little more than just changing the color or making it bold and you don't want to fire up Photoshop to create those headlines. Do it in InDesign.

Draw Text in Adobe InDesign
Draw letters and numbers just the way you want them using the pen tool in Adobe InDesign.

Designing with Type: The Cooper Union
For a little self-study, you could try your hand at each of the assignments or simply admire the samples provided from this project.

Dublin Workshop
Explore what developed at this type workshop with no stated theme.

ETS 00 Workshop
This Experimental Type Scanner includes a multi-layer typeface and work inspired by accidents and a train.

Kinetic Typography
Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science - "Kinetic typography refers to the art and technique of expression with animated text." The downloadable examples are pretty large so I haven't checked them out myself.

Michael Clark Design
Ideabook.com - View a few lovely examples of designs with type from Michael Clark.

Outlaws Workshop
Explore several experimental type featuring "law breakers."

Re: Workshop
See what these type workshop participants created.

Creativity-Portal.com - Has tips on creating your own fun type art - people or other things made of type. View the Typartography Gallery.

Type as Art
Ideabook.com - Chuck Green, author of The Desktop Publisher's Idea Book, explores some of the beautiful work of calligrapher Michael Clark.

Typographic Poster Gallery
Peter Bilak - Explore creative type treatments.

Typography Trends Interview for Student Thesis
Peter Bilak - Bilak shares his views on type legibility and creative typography trends.

William Barret's "My Type of People"
Will-Harris House - Take a gander at these clever characters made up of type; at Will- Harris House.

Word Type
Be Creative Adults - This is a simple exercise in creativity that anyone can do.

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