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Back to School with Desktop Publishing


Head back to school to learn desktop publishing or learn how to use desktop publishing in the classroom or the dorm room. These resources are aimed at both teachers and students at all levels.
  1. Education & Skills
  2. Academic Software
  3. Lesson Plans
  4. Teachers & Homeschool Parents
  5. Students: High School & College-Bound
  6. Students: Use Desktop Publishing in Any Class
  1. Projects For Learning Desktop Publishing
  2. Classroom Printables & Templates
  3. Handwriting & Fonts
  4. Email Classes
  5. Self-Paced Online Classes
  6. Desktop Publishing For Fun Or Profit

Education & Skills

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Discover the educational requirements for working in the field of desktop publishing and graphic design. Obtain formal or informal desktop publishing training, join professional associations or online communities, read magazines and newsletters on design and publishing topics, explore the teaching and use of desktop publishing in the K12 classroom.

Academic Software

Get Academic Pricing on Adobe Creative Suite Desktop Publishing Software

Find the right software for the classroom and save money with academic and volume pricing.

Lesson Plans

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These lesson plans can be used in connection with a class on desktop publishing or use them as a different way to engage students of all ages studying history, social studies, current events, literature, and just about any other subject. Each lesson plan includes the task to be accomplished, resources, checklists, steps to take, evaluation criteria, and additional notes for teachers.

Teachers & Homeschool Parents

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Are you a public, private, or homeschool teacher? Find ways to use desktop publishing in the classroom or find resources for teaching desktop publishing.

Students: High School & College-Bound

Make a Poster for Your Dorm

Even if you aren't going to school to learn desktop publishing, it can help you in your high school and college life.

Students: Use Desktop Publishing in Any Class

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You don't have to be taking a desktop publishing class to benefit from its techniques. Use desktop publishing and graphic design to boost your grade a little when you are doing reports, posters, or presentations.

Projects For Learning Desktop Publishing

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These projects can make learning desktop publishing more fun. Incorporate them into your school or classroom. Tailor the projects to your students. Some may be more suitable for high school or older.

Classroom Printables & Templates

Mactopia Microsoft Word Schedule Templates

Organize the school year or every school day with academic calendars. Print and color fun calendars for each month as a learning tool or to decorate the classroom.

Handwriting & Fonts

Free School Fonts

Explore the history of handwriting instruction, find fonts to create handwriting worksheets or to add a fun touch to parent newsletters.

Email Classes

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Learn how to do desktop publishing, how to start a new desktop publishing business, how to make a greeting card, and other topics of interest. Get daily or weekly reminders by email and structured classes on desktop publishing topics. Some classes come in both a weekly and a daily format. Choose the one that suits you. Do the lessons as received or save them up and work at your own pace.

Self-Paced Online Classes

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Take a free-form class on desktop publishing. Bookmark the starting page. Read and study the lessons for each of these desktop publishing classes at your own pace. Learn the rules of desktop publishing.

Desktop Publishing For Fun Or Profit

Dig into digital crafting or learn what it takes to get a desktop publishing job or start your own freelance design business.

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