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Pick Your Path to Learning About Desktop Publishing

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Pick your path to learning and doing desktop publishing.

Pick your path to learning and doing desktop publishing.

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Updated June 11, 2012
Here is the path to everything you need to know about desktop publishing. It's a winding path with many branches but the destination is always the same — learning how to do desktop publishing. This is a huge site and there are multiple ways to get to the information you need. You can use search. Or, find the topics that most interest you and locate tutorials, lists, recommendations, commentary, and resources related to broad and narrow topics of interest.

Three of these 7 paths correspond to the tabs at the top of the site. These pages take you through a topic either step-by-step from top to bottom or by grouping related subjects and materials.
Pick Your Path to Desktop Publishing
Get Started:Basic Guidelines and Requirements for Desktop Publishing
Choose Software:Desktop Publishing and Design Software
Tips & Tutorials:How to Do Desktop Publishing
Training, Education, Jobs:Careers in Desktop Publishing
In the Classroom: Back to School With Desktop Publishing
Make Something: Things to Make Using Desktop Publishing
Use Templates: Templates for Print and Web Publishing
The three information pages, below, provide another way of reaching the content in this site based on three broad areas of coverage.
Find the Information You Need
Desktop Publishing Information:What it is, skills needed, finding a job, starting a desktop publishing business.
Graphic Design Information:How it relates to desktop publishing, education required, principles of graphic design, the creative process, employment vs. self-employment.
Typography Information:Basics, detailed text composition tutorials, technical font issues, finding and using fonts, how to make fonts.
This section helps you find what you want based on broad and then narrower, more focused topics of interest. In some cases the information goes many levels deep. Drill down subject by subject.
Dig Deep Into Categories of Software, Tutorials, and Topics of Interest
Software & Hardware Design software and utilities, software tutorials including Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Publisher, and Adobe Illustrator, choosing and using monitors, digital cameras, printers and other hardware.
Cloud Computing Tablet and smartphone apps, Web apps, Web services.
Find Pictures Free, public domain, royalty-free, and rights-controlled clip art, photos, and illustrations .
Find Fonts Free fonts, type foundries, commercal fonts.
Design Projects Tutorials, software, and templates for ads, business cards, collaterals, greeting cards, packaging, seasonal projects, word processing, and more.
Graphic Design Tutorials Elements and principles of design, guidelines, process, basics, and brand.
Desktop Publishing Tutorials Page layout lessons, FAQs, online courses, writing, training.
Graphics Tutorials Choosing, creating, and editing images, halftones, resolution, screen captures, digital photography, Photoshop tutorials.
Typography History, classification of type, troubleshooting font issues, text composition tutorials.
Prepress Tutorials Preparing files for printing to include trapping, RIP, separations, imposition, proofing and types of proofs, traditional prepress.
Printing Commercial and desktop printing methods and tutorials to include offset litho, flexography, thermography, and inkjet, printing presses, plates, and inks, choosing paper, color printing.
Finishing & Distribution Die cuts, foil stamping, embossing, binding methods, folding paper.
Web Design Tutorials Print vs. Web, ebooks, email newsletters, PDF, screen typography.
Education & Training Associations, training options, desktop publishing history, magazines on design, education requirements.
Finding Design Jobs Internships, entry-level jobs, print design and Web design jobs.
Freelance Graphic Design & Desktop Publishing Business names, business plans, contracts, design portfolios, starting a business, working at home, money matters to include pricing, taxes, and pro bono design , self-publishing.
Glossary Mini-Tutorials A-Z and specialty glossaries exploring hundreds of individual words and phrases with more than just a brief definition.

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