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Free Dinosaur Fonts


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Dress Up Your Crafts and Web Pages With Dinosaurs in a Font
Free Dinosaur Fonts

Pictured: Characters from the fonts Jurassic Park, KADinosob, 101! Color Fill DinoZ, and DinosBeeline

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Who doesn't love dinosaurs? If you do, I urge you to visit and bookmark About.com Dinosaurs. Guide Bob Strauss has everything you'd ever want to know about these awesome creatures including dinosaur pictures, facts and trivia, and the complete known history of the dinosaurs.

But while you're here, explore the next 4 pages of cool dinosaur fonts. All free. I've organized the dinosaur fonts into groups based on the type of fonts. Where possible I've provided two links to download sites where you can grab each font.

  1. Introduction (you are here)
  2. Dingbats — Each character is a picture of a dinosaur
  3. Letterbats - The dinosaurs take the shape of the letters
  4. Dinglets - Each letter or number is accompanied by a dinosaur picture
  5. Text Fonts - No dinosaurs, but the fonts make a nice accompaniment to your dingbats

Please honor the terms and conditions of each font. Some are for personal use only which means you can't use them in projects you're going to sell or as part of your business logo, for example. But for use in personal greeting cards and coloring pages, you're generally OK. Enjoy.

Q: How do you ask a tyrannosaur out to lunch?
A: "Tea, Rex?"
Think that's funny? Here's more of The Funniest Dinosaur Jokes

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