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These sites specialize in providing fonts in specific themes such as Sci-Fi fonts, Movie fonts, or Kids Handwriting fonts. Freeware, shareware, and commercial fonts in Windows and Mac formats.
  1. Handwriting (11)
  2. Historical (9)
  3. Holiday Fonts (8)
  4. Sci Fi / Alien (3)
  5. TV / Movie (6)
  6. Typewriter (5)

About - Traditional Certificate Fonts
Here are my free (and commercial) font recommendations for creating traditional looking award certificates.

About - Free Mother's Day Fonts
A few script and decorative fonts that would make great Mother's Day card fonts.

About - Free Dinosaur Fonts
These are text and dingbat fonts featuring dinosaurs. Use them in your print and Web projects when you want that Jurassic Park feel.

About - Featured Neon & Chrome Retro Fonts
Some of these fonts look like they'd be perfect in neon lights and others are reminiscent of the chrome (or plastic) lettering on cars and appliances of the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

About - Featured Slab Serif Fonts
These fonts are slab serif fonts -- fonts with bold, square serifs. For me this type of font evokes visions of the Wild West -- but with a bit more of a fun, casual look.

About - Featured Spikey, Sparkly, Retro Fonts
They are usually thin, mostly serif fonts, with a fun and sparkling retro look reminiscent of car hops, bobby socks, and formica countertops.

About - Featured Stamps and Stencils Fonts
These fonts all have a rubber stamp or stencil look. Some have nice crisp edges like a new stencil and others feature worn or degraded characters for that old, 'running out of ink for your rubber stamp' look.

Billy Bear's Playground - Free Windows Fonts for Kids
Presents free and shareware fonts with kid-friendly themes for holidays and special occasions.

Blambot Free Comic Fonts
Download free fonts with a comic book theme for titles, dialogue, and sound effects. Also offers fonts for sale. Available in Windows TrueType and Mac TrueType and Type 1 formats.

Comic Book Fonts
Purchase the same fonts used in some of the best-selling comic books around.

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