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Get Tab Delimited Text Into Page Layout Software


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Set Custom Tabs Then Import Tab Delimited File
Using custom tab settings

Using custom tab settings

To circumvent the misalignments that can occur with the default tab settings in your page layout software, first open your software and set up your document with the required number and style of tabs you need. Then, place or import the tab delimited file "as is" into a new or existing text frame.

In this example the document is set up with all right-aligned tabs. When placed, the data in fruittable.txt aligns more neatly and will require less adjustment.

  • You can choose to adjust tabs before or after importing your tab delimited file.

  • You're likely to have fewer alignment problems if you first set up your document or text frame with only the number of tabs required by the imported file. You can always finetune them later.

  • Read the documentation for your application before importing large files. Some programs have a limit to the number of tabs allowed, which can affect data with many columns of text or numbers.

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