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Microsoft Word Templates for Business

Download, customize, and print business documents and forms


Do business with Microsoft Word templates. Download free templates for business brochures, word schedules, meeting agendas, memos, ads, and all kinds of business forms. These documents come in either DOC or DOT (template) formats ready for customization in Microsoft Word.

All The Microsoft Word Templates

  1. Business Use (this list | 4 pages)
  2. Home / Personal Use
  3. School Use

All The Free Templates For Business Use

  1. Word Templates For Business (this list | 4 pages)
  2. Printable Business Cards (with Artwork)
  3. Blank Business Cards
  4. Online Business Card Design
  5. Business Calendars
  6. Blank Standard Size Envelopes
  7. Fax Templates
  8. Newsletters
  9. PowerPoint For Business
  10. Ad Design Templates

Address Books to Estimates to Tickets

Microsoft Office Online Word Templates
Microsoft Office Online Word Templates
These categories at Microsoft Office Online include Address Books, Advertisements, Balance Sheets, Bookmarks, Job Descriptions, Note Cards, Outlines, Petitions, Scorecards, Tickets, and much more. There are a lot of Microsoft Word templates as well as some Excel, Publisher, and other Office formats.

Agendas to Inventories to Time Sheets

Microsoft Office Online Word Templates
Microsoft Office Online Word Templates
From Agendas and Award Certificates to Stationery and Time Sheets, browse these templates from Microsoft Office Online for use in Microsoft Word and other Office applications such as Publisher. You can also browse by industry and seasonal categories.


The Paper Mill Store Bookmark Templates
The Paper Mill Store Bookmark Templates
The Paper Mill Store calls them bookmarkers, and they offer Microsoft Word (and other formats) of a 2"x6" bookmark.


Microsoft Office Online Bookmark Templates
Microsoft Office Online Bookmark Templates
For personal, school, or business use (as promotional items), there are a lot of styles of bookmarks in Publisher and Word template formats. Some are user-contributed.

Brochures, Flyers, Newsletters

HP Brochures, Flyers, Newsletters Templates
HP Brochures, Flyers, Newsletters Templates
HP offers a variety of sizes and layouts in Microsoft Word format. There are a couple dozen brochure and flyer templates and a handful of newsletter templates.

Brochures, Newsletters, Reports

InZones, Inc.
InZones, Inc.
For business and school use, there are a few free Word templates including ones suitable for a business brochure, sales flyer, or promotional newsletter.

Business Cards

HP Business Card Templates
HP Microsoft Word Business Card Templates
HP has several styles of vertical and horizontal business cards in Microsoft Word template (DOT) format.

Business Cards

PrintingForLess.com Templates
PrintingForLess.com Microsoft Word Templates
From PrintingForLess.com, these business card templates are basic horizontal designs with simple graphic blocks of color. Available in Microsoft Word 2000 and Word XP doc files, there are 10 designs. At the bottom of the page find links to PDF files for Door Hanger and #10 Envelope templates.

Business Cards

Southworth Business Card Templates
Southworth Microsoft Word Business Card Templates
In Microsoft Word format, these plain and simple business card templates are designed for use with Southworth's Fine Business Cards papers. Take a look at their business cards as well as the Business Card Design Guide when you download the templates.

See all the Microsoft Word templates:

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