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Adobe InDesign Template - Graduation


Tri-Fold Brochure Style Graduation Announcement and Invitation
Tri-fold Brochure Style Graduation Announcement Template by Jacci Howard Bear

I’ve changed or deleted the actual details (name, school, location, school seal, etc.) of the original but the general layout and fonts of the graduation announcement we sent out are as seen here. Adapt the format for your own use.

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I’m providing this template as more of a “go-by” and idea for a graduation announcement you can print from home. This is the layout used for my eldest daughter’s college graduation in May 2012.


  • Designed for printing on letter size paper. We used pre-scored tri-fold matte finish brochure paper on an inkjet printer.

  • Before folding as a tri-fold the bottom 2 1/4 inches are folded up, effectively hiding the maps and details of the invitation part and showing only the graduation announcement and quote across the bottom when first opened.

  • Folded dimensions are 6 5/16 by 3 11/16 inches.

  • Each invite had a narrow blue ribbon tied around it before placing them into a blue A-7 announcement envelope (7.25 x 5.25 inches).

  • Not shown in this template: Original announcements had vellum inserts covering the photos when mailed. We printed letter size vellum sheets with the words “Graduation” “Congratulations” and various other phrases (including the school name) repeated over and over in different fonts in a very light gold color then cut the sheets into multiple panels.

  • Also not shown, the graduation photos (template version has been altered) were also printed individually and inserted directly over the matching photos using stick-on photo corners.

  • The blues and golds are official colors used by my daughter's university. Change them to match your own school colors. The fake seal on the front is a placeholder for your own image (ours had the school seal) or you could center the quotation on the front and use no seal or other image.

  • Want different quotes? Start with About.com Quotations.

  • If you wish to use some or all of the fonts used in this template:

    • The main commencement announcement text is in Edwardian Script ITC with Wingdings 2 characters.

    • Text in the folded up bottom panels is Delicious and Delicious Heavy, a free OpenType font from exljbris Font Foundry

    • “Class of” is in Freebooter Script, a free TrueType font by Graham Meade.

    • 2013 is in the font Autumn. Or you can use any blocky, collegiate style of font. It has an inner shadow fx applied.

    • Vince Lombardi quote on front and the Booker T. Washington quote on folded flap are in Basic Sans Light. The quotation marks on the front are in Tallys, a free font from exljbris Font Foundry. The initial cap on the Washington quote is in Freebooter Script.


Adobe InDesign Template - created in InDesign CS4

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