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Technical Writing for Desktop Publishers

Writing and book indexing help for desktop publishers. Often desktop publishers become jack-of-all-trades and need at least a basic understanding of technical writing.
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Technical Writing Certification

Book Design Overview
For technical writers, an overview of the components of a technical guide, users manual, or other similiar book.

Book Parts
Not every one of these parts would be found in technical manuals or user guides, but many of them are standard parts of any book. The technical writer may be responsible for more than just the body of the book.

Bullet and Numbered Lists
Eliminate excess space in lists using these techniques involving tabs, alignment, and leader dots.

Bullet Lists - QuarkXPress
Technical writing often makes extensive use of bullet lists. There is no automated bullet list function in QuarkXPress 4; however, you can use style sheets to create quick, basic lists with simple bullets.

Bullet Lists
Use bullets to organize a list or draw attention to information. Here are some design considerations for using bullet lists.

Page Layout for a Set of Instructions
No matter who does the writing, use these tips to make the writing and the illustrations work better when designing manuals and instruction booklets.

A crash course in how to write an index from an online textbook on technical writing.

When writing instructions on how to assemble something, use an item, or do a specific task there are some common steps and formats to consider as described in great detail here.

PRC describes the users of technical documentation and the types of manuals along with problems associated with user manuals.

PRC has tips for writing user-friendly manuals aimed at consumers and unskilled workers.

Organizational Policies and Procedures
From Online Technical Writing, what needs to go in and how to write organizational policies and procedures.

Tab or Dot Leaders
Here's how to use dot leaders in indexes, lists, and table of contents.

Technical Articles
This writing advice is aimed at those writing research papers in computer science and electrical engineering.

Technical Documentation
Usernomics provides a long list of resources for style guides and other resources for use in writing manuals, online help, and other technical documentation.

Technical Reports
An overview of technical reports and what goes in them, from the online textbook for technical writing.

Technical Reports
Nancy Halligan provides a short course in technical writing of reports.

Technical Writing Online Textbook
Need to write a manual, help file, or instruction booklet? This online textbook covers applications of technical writing, document design, and the process of technical writing.

Technical Writing Trends
Preferred software, working with printshops, and more information for creating manuals and other technical documents, from PRC.

User Guides
In this online tutorial learn the components and conventions of user guides.

User Guides
Components of and tips for writing user guides. Covers what to include, examples, and the process of putting together a user guide.

Writing User-Friendly Documents
Do you use "Plain Language" in your technical writing? This series of articles include how to write clearly, engage your audience, organize your material, and avoid confusion.

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