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Creative Graphic Design Gifts for the Designer With Everything

Gifts the Non-Designer Can Buy for the Designer in Their Life


It can be hard to know what desktop publishing software someone wants or needs or which graphic design books they already have in their reference library. So, for the designer who has it all, give a creative gift they'll appreciate that isn't always strictly work-related.

Moleskine Notebook

This is one of those graphic design gifts you can give year after year. These notebooks come in a variety of sizes for sketching ideas and rough drafts anywhere, anytime. More than just a sketchbook, these notebooks have been an artist's staple for two hundred years, used by such artists as Matisse, van Gogh, and Hemmingway.
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Galaxy Art Director's Reference Set

Here's the perfect way to tell the print designer on your list that they are the best of the best. The Art Director's Reference Set has every graphic design tool that these folks manufacture including Galaxy Gauge, Galaxy Pocket Toolbox, Font I.D. 2.0, and other tools for choosing colors, matching fonts, and measuring all the things designers need to measure - and it's under $50. Other special packages you might want to consider are the Graphic Designer's Set and the Uncoated Color Set.

Designer T-Shirts

You can't go wrong with designer clothing. From tee-riffic type to the elements of design give your favorite designer some graphic softwear from top to bottom. Choose from several t-shirt designs as well as other apparel.

Cranium Turbo

Even experienced designers need a creative boost now and then. And almost everyone likes to play games. With Cranium Turbo, the deluxe version of Cranium, players get to flex their creative muscles with sculpting, acting, posing, word games, and other brain-stretching activities. Sure, they say it's for kids but the kid in all of us will love this game. I have the regular Cranium and it's another great creative thinking tool disguised as a game for kids.
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Mini Shuttle Pen Necklaces

Here's a stocking stuffer that will hang around for a long time if the recipient's desk or office is anything like mine. With a pen around the neck there's no scrambling to find something to write with when a hot idea strikes or a client calls. These are inexpensive so buy one in every color for yourself and your designer friend.
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Miss Mary's Clip Art Club

A subscription to this collection of vintage clip art images would make any designer's day, month after month.

Fun and Funny Designer Mugs

Whether they fill it with coffee, tea, or pencils, a funny mug that lets your designer friend know that you understand their world (even if you don't) is always a good gift.

The Fantastic World of M.C. Escher (VHS)

While the designer on your list may already have posters or books featuring the work of famed graphic artist M.C. Escher, do they own the movie? What a wonderful way to learn more about his work, including his famous optical illusions and how they were created.
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