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Before You Buy Graphic Design Gifts for Designers and Digital Artists


Desktop publishing and graphics software and graphic design books are always welcome gifts but there are other options for creative gift-giving when the recipient is a new or experienced graphic designer, digital artist, or Web designer. Get gift ideas and suggestions for appropriate designer presents based on their interest in print or Web publishing.

New or Aspiring Graphic Designers

Those just starting out in desktop publishing and graphic design often need just about everything. They'll be appreciative of just about any utility, book, or gadget that will help them fill out their desktop publishing toolbox or help them learn to be a better designer. Give the struggling graphic designer a jumpstart with some budget software. If you're wary of buying software, there are plenty of good books aimed at the new designer and others with an interest but little experience.

Professional Graphic Designers

If you're not a designer yourself it's hard to know what kind of specialty software is needed but you can make a great impression by giving clever, artistic, and creative non-computer gifts and books that go beyond the basics. From stocking stuffers to books to accessories to stuff full of supplies, find an idea for the designer who already seems to have it all.

New or Aspiring Graphic Artists

When the artist on your list is into digital photography and digital arts and crafts then consider some of the great fun and graphical gift ideas including software, peripherals, and books assembled by our Graphics Software Guide Sue Chastain.

Web Designers

Not all artistic endeavers end up in print. When the gift recipient is into pixels over paper, give them the books and software that Web designers need. These lists were compiled by Graphics Software Guide Sue Chastain and Web Design/HTML Guide Jennifer Krynin.

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