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Desktop Publishing Software Tutorials

Desktop publishing is the use of the computer and specialized software to create documents for desktop or commercial printing. Those specialized programs are primarily page layout software, but can also include word processing, graphics software, and creative printing or home publishing software.

Learn how desktop publishing or page layout software works. Get software tutorials for Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Publisher, QuarkXPress, and other popular desktop publishing software programs.

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  1. Using Page Layout Software
  2. CorelDRAW
  3. FrameMaker
  4. Illustrator
  5. InDesign
  6. PageMaker
  7. PagePlus
  8. PDF (Acrobat)
  9. Photo-Paint
  10. Photoshop
  11. PowerPoint
  12. Publisher
  13. QuarkXPress
  14. Ventura
  15. Word
  16. Training

Desktop Publishing and Word Processing Software Tips
These aren't hard-and-fast rules or formulas but they are tried-and-true guidelines that hold true most of the time.

Scribus Tutorials
Scribus is a free desktop publishing application that's been compared to InDesign, much like The GIMP has been compared to Photoshop and OpenOffice compared to Microsoft Office. It's free and powerful. However, if you've never used professional page layout applications, it can be a bit overwhelming when you first open it up and try to create...

Inkscape Tutorials
Discover Inkscape tutorials for using this free vector drawing program to do simple page layout tasks. Learn Inkscape and how to do business cards, ads, cards, and posters using this free vector drawing software.

Find the Right Desktop Publishing Software and Learn How to Use Desktop...
Desktop publishing software is a tool for graphic designers and non-designers to create visual communications for professional or desktop printing. Discover the many types of desktop publishing software, major publishers of desktop publishing software, and how to use desktop publishing software.

Learn How to Use Desktop Publishing Software
Desktop publishing software doesn't work in the same way as word processing software. It's different from graphics software. From setting up a basic document to complicated arrangements of text and graphics, learn how to use desktop publishing software by following this step-by-step plan.

Getting to Know Your Desktop Publishing Software
How many features do you use? How well do you know your desktop publishing tools? Much of today's desktop publishing software has more bells and whistles and nifty features than most of us will ever need or use.

Using Windows Character Map Advanced Features
It's not desktop publishing software but it's often used in conjunction with other software for inserting special characters. But this little utility can also help you explore your fonts.

Serif PagePlus SE Tutorials
Learn to use the free Serif PagePlus SE Starter Edition desktop publishing software by following these PagePlus SE tutorials.

Software Tutorials
Learn how to do desktop publishing while learning to use desktop publishing software —also known as page layout software. Learn the basics, create a full project while exploring the program, watch a video, pick up useful tips and tricks.

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