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Find the Right Desktop Publishing Software


Popular Desktop Publishing and Graphics Software

Clockwise from the top: Serif PagePlus, The Print Shop Pro Publisher, Print Artist, Microsoft Office Publisher, QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite.

Box shots provided by Serif, Broderbund, Nova Development, Microsoft, Quark, Adobe, and Corel.
Desktop publishing software is the primary tool for doing desktop publishing. It takes many forms and the learning curve varies depending on the skill of the user and the complexity of the individual desktop publishing software programs. Explore how to choose and learn how to use desktop publishing software.

What is Desktop Publishing Software? Who Makes Desktop Publishing Software?:

Desktop publishing software is a tool for graphic designers and non-designers to create visual communications for professional or desktop printing. The term was originally coined to describe Aldus (now Adobe) PageMaker and among professional designers refers primarily to high-end page layout software applications including Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress. Explore the types of software used for desktop publishing and the main programs.
Key publishers of desktop publishing software

What are the Minimum Software Requirements for Doing Desktop Publishing?:

There is one absolute requirement for desktop publishing and that is a page layout application, also known as "desktop publishing software." However, the realistic mininum requirements depend on what type of desktop publishing you plan to do, most notably how you plan to print your documents.
Minimum desktop publishing software needed for desktop and commericcial printing

What is the Best Desktop Publishing Software?:

There is no single best desktop publishing software program. There are, however, specific programs that are better suited for certain tasks than others. Instead of asking "which is best — QuarkXPress or InDesign, or [fill in the blank with whatever desktop publishing software all your friends are recommending]?" ask "what do I want or need to be able to do?" Then find out what software is best for accomplishing those critical tasks.
Four types of software used in desktop publishing and the six classifications of desktop publishing software

How To Learn to Use Desktop Publishing Software:

Desktop publishing software doesn't work in the same way as word processing software. It's different from graphics software. From setting up a basic document to complicated arrangements of text and graphics, learn how to use desktop publishing software by following this step-by-step plan.
Eight Steps for Learning to Use Desktop Publishing Software

Doing Desktop Publishing:

Obtaining and learning to use your desktop publishing software is only the first step in creating newsletters, brochures, business cards, greeting cards, posters, packaging, letterhead, booklets, and other typical desktop publishing projects.
Learn how to do desktop publishing from basic tasks to advanced projects

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