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Silkscreen | Screen Printing

Screen or silkscreen printing is popular for t-shirts but works for many other non-textile projects as well. Learn more about the variations of screen printing.

CD Printing
It is screen printing that puts the picture on the surface of the CD.

Graphics on the Go
Have you seen those ads on the sides of buses that cover the windows yet allow passengers to see out? Screen printing produces those transit ads.

How to Silk Screen
This series of pictures from Silkscreenbiz.com shows you the steps involved in printing a t-shirt with their textile printer. Includes how to prepare artwork and an online tutorial on silkscreening.

Preparing Digital Files for Screen Printing
See how to make artwork fit the screen printing mold in this ScreenWeb article.

Screen Printing Guide
Mirror Image, Inc. presents an online tutorial covering design considerations, separations and trapping, types of presses, and advice on hiring a printer for your screen printing needs. Focuses primarily on textile screen printing.

Screen Printing vs. Heat Transfer
This BFPrinting article considers the pros and cons of getting into the screen printing or the digital heat transfer business including cost and flexibility.

Briefly describes silk screening for signs and posters. From Christopher John/The Printworks, Inc.

Silkscreen Examples
ArtLex has a definition and samples of silkscreened work.

Start Your Own Silk Screen Business
Silkscreenbiz.com provides equipment and support so you can start your own silkscreen t-shirt printing business.

What is Screen/Silkscreen Printing?
My Design Primer has a short definition of what it is and how it works.

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