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Create Custom Business Card Template in Serif PagePlus Starter Edition


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Template and Design Choices
Make a Business Card with PagePlus SE

Your layout and your choice of template or paper have to work together when you make a business card with Serif PagePlus SE.

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This tutorial shows how to choose and modify the size, margins, bleed area and other layout features of a business card to fit a variety of templates when using the free Serif PagePlus SE. If you go by the Serif info page for doing business cards in PagePlus Starter Edition it's as easy 123.
  1. Open a business card template.
  2. Personalize the template.
  3. Print to your desktop printer.
In reality, there's a bit more to it. In the next few pages we'll go over some of the prep work required in setting up your publication for creating a business card in Serif PagePlus SE. This is not a design tutorial although you may find a few design-related tips as you go along. I'll show how to set up for both 10-up1 and 8-up2 templates, with and without bleeds3. This tutorial is specifically for making business cards that you will print to your desktop printer on either plain paper or perforated business card stock. The type of paper and layout you use influences the business card design and vice versa.

1 A 10-up template has 10 business cards per page. They are flush up against each other in two columns of 5 cards each.
2 An 8-up template has 8 business cards per page. They are not flush up against each other — there is a gap between all the cards. They are 2 columns of 4 cards each. An advantage of this type of template is that it is easier to do cards with full bleeds.
3 A bleed is when some element of the design goes right to the edge of the card. It bleeds off the edge.

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