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DIY Halloween

Make your own invitations, decorations, and other Halloween printables


Use desktop publishing software, templates, fonts, and your desktop printer to make your own Halloween decorations, party invitations, and other holiday crafts.

Black bats, orange pumpkins, and dripping blood fonts add up to a colorful Halloween you create and print yourself. In this list you'll find useful materials — especially fonts, clip art, and templates — to create printable Halloweeen craft projects such as cards and invitations, party decorations, costumes, trick or treat bags, and even coloring pages for kids. This page and the templates pages contain design tips and ideas for Halloween party invitations and other printables.

All Kinds of Templates for All Hallows Eve

Halloween Photo Frame Template from Canon's Creative Park
Print ready-made templates for Halloween (Image: Canon's Creative Park; photo frame template)
If you need to save time or just don't want to do custom designs, there are plenty of ready-to-print templates you can download. Some are for specific software programs but most are in PDF or on printable Web pages.
Template Tip: If you find a template you love that is almost-but-not-quite perfect, personalize it. Use graphics software to rearrange or delete elements of the template, change the fonts, or alter the colors. The paper you choose can also affect the appearance of your printed template. Experiment with different colors and textures.

DIY Halloween Party Invitations

Front of Halloween card created in Microsoft Publisher 2010.
Make your own Halloween card or invitation.
Invite guests into your web for a howling good time at Halloween with these Halloween Invitation ideas.
Invitation/Card Idea: Turn a map of your neighborhood into a Halloween maze — where the only correct solution leads right to your haunted house.

Halloween Images

halloween holiday fonts clip art
Decorate with ghosts, goblins, and ghouls.
Sure, you could plop some of these images onto a Web page or get more creative and mix and match some Halloween clip art with cute or creepy fonts to create your own decorations and cards.
Design Tip: Don't clutter your cards or posters with too many cute graphics. Repeat one good image several times to add impact rather than throwing in every witch, pumpkin, bat, or ghost that you find. When using different images, keep the style similar — woodcut, modern, sketched, etc.

Halloween Fonts

Dripping blood fonts are just one type of Halloween font.
Dripping blood fonts are just one type of Halloween font.
Blood-soaked letters are a staple of Halloween. But there are many other fonts that you can use to scare up some party guests or scare off the trick-or-treaters.
  • Dripping Blood Fonts may look slightly melted or as if they've been dipped in a pool of blood. But remember, fonts are not in color. You'll have to add the blood red yourself.


  • Flaming Fonts can put some sizzle in your holidays too.


  • Harry Potter Fonts weave a magical spell any time of year but are especially popular for Halloween.


  • Halloween doesn't have to mean bloody fonts. Pair up some of these free fonts with awesome clip art for a classy Halloween.


  • Free is fun but sometimes you want something a little better drawn or that contains a more complete character set. These commercial Halloween fonts and font packages lend a touch of class (or creepiness) to your projects.
Design Tip: Many of the Halloween fonts that are so fun to use are also difficult to read. Choose and use these decorative fonts carefully. Use them at large sizes for short headlines and easy to recognize words (Boo! Happy Halloween). Choose a nice, easy to read serif or sans serif font for body copy — and especially for important information like dates, times, and locations for your Halloween festivities.

Halloween Colors

Blood red shades
Shades of blood red are as much Halloween colors as orange and black.
Orange and black are traditional Halloween colors but you can use any colors you want.
  • Bright orange with black screams Halloween while a softer pumpkin color says Fall and Thanksgiving. Even without costumes and candy you can enliven your Halloween party with orange, a color that "is mentally stimulating as well as sociable. Use it to get people thinking or to get them talking." Or, try a bright but sophisticated red-orange mix such as vermilion.


  • Want the perfect red for your dripping blood fonts? Color your fonts and vampire fangs in one of these shades of blood red.


  • Don't overlook a good zombie green. Consider a sickly shade of chartreuse with a varying mix of yellow and green.
Invitation/Card Idea: Don't fret over finding the right clip art. Use pre-designed holiday papers. Want to make your party a bit more dignified than the usual Halloween bash? Use color paper in warm fall colors and pick a not too outrageous typeface. Put your time and effort into writing a nice invite and having a fun party.

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