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4th of July Project Ideas, Templates, Clip Art, Fonts


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Flag Pattern Template for Star Decorations
Use template to cut out stars

Cut 5-point stars from a stars and stripes pattern.

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Print my Stars & Stripes design on a sheet of paper. Make colorful stars for decorations.

Flag Pattern Template for Stars (11K PDF)
Print pattern on 8.5x10 paper or trim one inch after printing on letter size paper. Fold paper and cut a 5 point star in one snip. Experiment with plain paper first. It can be tricky but it is a lot like folding fancy paper airplanes. The way you turn and fold the paper can yield slightly different star patterns.

  • Small Stars: Cut 8.5x10 page into 4 parts to make 4 small stars, each with a different pattern.

  • Change Pattern: Open template in a graphics program. Resize and duplicate all over the page. Print. Cut stars.

  • Decorate: Glue a straw or stick on back and tuck into floral arrangements. Scatter stars on a table and cover with a clear plastic tablecloth. Attach a string and hang stars from the ceiling. Use large stars as invitations. Write invite on back.

  • No Waste: Don't waste that cut-away paper and ink. Use a decorative paper punch to make confetti from leftover edges. Or run the bits through your paper shredder to create colorful bits for packing gifts, filling baskets, etc.

  • Make Someone a Star: Instead of printing the above pattern, print a photo of yourself or your kids in the middle of the page. Fold and cut. (If you want, use a warm (not hot) iron on the back of the paper to smooth the creases you made while folding the star.)
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