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4th of July Project Ideas, Templates, Clip Art, Fonts


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Stars and Stripes Fonts
Say Happy 4th of July with Free Fonts

Colorize free Stars and Stripes fonts for 4th of July print projects.

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Show your patriotic side with one of these free Stars & Stripes fonts. Use your graphics program to colorize the black & white fonts to create red, white, & blue works of art, such as in the example on this page.

Q. Font examples on the Web are in color. Why are my fonts not in color?
A. Fonts have no color. They have positive and negative sapce, usually seen as black and white... [Read More]

  • American Dreams Font (ZIP file, Windows TrueType)
    This sans serif font from Melle Derieppe Claude has a drop shadow and features a US Flag pattern on each character.The lowercase are a smaller size of the uppercase capitals. (Upper USA in illustration is colorized version)

  • Patriot Font (ZIP file, Windows TrueType)
    This sans serif font by J. Fordyce is a wavy stars and stripes design with 1 to 2 stars in the upper portion of each character and the wavy stripes in the bottom portion. This is an All Caps font. (Lower USA in illustration is colorized version)

  • Young Star Font (download from DaFont)
    This decorative font features a star in the upper left of each character and stripes on the remainder. It's a Windows ZIP archive.

  • Independence Font (download from DaFont)
    This all lowercase decorative font features a single star cutout in each character. It's a Windows ZIP archive.
If you were in the marching band in high school in the U.S. then chances are you learned John Philip Sousa's "The Stars & Strips Forever". Did you know it has lyrics too? About.com Music Education Guide Espie Estrella has the history and facts about our flag: "The red and white and starry blue Is freedom's shield and hope."
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