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4th of July Project Ideas, Templates, Clip Art, Fonts


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Everything You Need for a Do-It-Yourself 4th of July
Some of the 4th of July projects in this collection

Celebrate US Independence with 4th of July projects made from these free templates, clip art, and fonts.

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Did you ever hear the joke about "Is there a 4th of July in [fill in some country other than the US]? Of course the answer is yes (unless you're using a different sort of calendar). Everybody has a July 4th. But in the U.S. the 4th of July is not so much a date as a name of a national holiday. Independence Day. Our country's birthday.

The clip art, fonts, and templates here (including some of my originals) can be used by anyone for whatever occasion you deem appropriate, but for those of you celebrating the 4th of July you'll find that this collection of images have a U.S. Independence Day theme. Some are useful for any project that requires a Red, White, & Blue patriotic theme, including Memorial Day or Veteran's Day. Use them for your party invitations or decorations.

US Red, White, and Blue Colors

Although you can use any shade of red, white, and blue, if you want to use the official colors of the U.S. Flag, try the red and blue PMS(PANTONE)/RGB colors below. The different shades are close and due to ink and paper differences and on-screen display variations you may have to try each one to find the right color for your needs.
  • Red:
    • PMS 186 RGB 198,12,48
    • PMS 193 RGB 187,19,62
  • Blue
    • PMS 281 RGB 0,38,100
    • PMS 282 RGB 0,33,71
    • PMS 288 RBG 0,44,119
And speaking of Red, White, and Blue, do you know what those colors mean? Find out that as well as the proper way to display the American Flag and the right size of flag for different pole heights from About.com Pool & Patio Guide Lisa Hallett Taylor.
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