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From Jacci Howard Bear

Learn how to use a scanner, get the perfect scan. Explore how to create, edit, and use graphics in page layout whether acquired from scanning, digital photography, or other means. Desktop publishing is about combining text and graphics. Here's where you learn how to make those graphics the best they can be.
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  8. Resolution (16)
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  11. Photoshop Tutorials
  12. Photography (12)

Before You Use Graphics in Desktop Publishing
You think you have found the almost-perfect image on a Web site but it's not quite the right size. You make it bigger and suddenly it looks awful. You send it to a friend but they can't open it. You've hit several of the possible snags encountered when using graphics in desktop publishing. There's more to using graphics than finding a picture that you like. Learn about graphics file formats, graphics software, copyrights, and other issues in graphics use.

Best Graphics File Formats
Here's an overview of the best graphics formats for print and online publishing.

Calibrate Your Scanner to Get Better Scans
If you have trouble getting scans that look right, the problem may not be with your scanning technique. Calibrating your scanner can go a long way toward insuring that what you scan and what you see on-screen and what you print are all the same.

How to Use Pictures of People
Pictures of people may be used to illustrate a concept or to identify and recognize specific persons such as employees, award-winners, and newsmakers. Whether utilizing pictures of real people or artwork that represents types of people, there are certain guidelines that will enhance the use of people pictures in Web and print work.

St. Patrick's Day Pictures and Graphics Tutorials
Pick and choose the shamrocks, leprechauns, and other Irish-themed images you want to use or learn how to draw your own. Here are free graphics, tutorials for Photoshop, Illustrator, and other programs, and other imagery and icons for use in your St. Patrick's Day projects.

News/Commentary: Digital Photo Formats
Posted June 2004: Various articles look at the role of TIFF, JPEG, and RAW formats in digital photography.

Photo Editing Snowglobe Project
The four snowglobes in this project are the end product of a photo-editing project that put my four children into snowglobes. They are based on tutorials by Sue Chastain and Debbie Cook.

Print a Photo
You've got a picture. You want a print. Open it in your software and just hit the print button, right? Maybe. But if you want the photo to look good, need it in a certain size, only want part of the picture, or need to have it printed on a printing press, then there's more you'll need to know and do.

Use Less Clip Art
Cut the clip art clutter. While there are no hard and fast rules on how much is too much, use these commonsense guidelines and tips to improve the use of clip art in your layouts.

Using Pictures of Paper Money - Legalities of Copying or Photographing Paper...
Using illustrations of actual paper currency in whole or in part within marketing materials is quite common. However, to keep on the right side of the law you must be familiar with the legal requirements for reproduction of paper currency for your country. Learn how to use pictures of paper money.

Can I Sell Products That Use Free Images Off the Internet?
Find out whether or not you can use free images commercially on products for resale.

Windows Photo Gallery
Take a look at the new Windows Photo Gallery available in Windows Vista.

Pick Your Path to Learning About Desktop Publishing
The path to everything you need to know about desktop publishing. A topical index to this site.

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