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Scanning Line Art


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Three Modes of Scanning Line Art
scanning line art

There are 3 modes of scanning line art: b/w or line art mode (1 bit), grayscale, halftone

Line art is typically 2-color (usually black and white) clip art, pen and ink drawings, or pencil sketches. Whether you intend to scan line art for use 'as is' or to modify it or to use as a template for tracing or redrawing, there are specific ways you can get the best image and just the right look.

There are three modes of scanning line art:

  • line art or black and white mode (1 bit)
  • grayscale
  • halftone

Each has its own best settings and special uses. While this tutorial cannot cover the specific settings and operation of every scanning program, most programs should allow you to easily follow and use these directions. These are not hard and fast rules either. But for most uses, the settings and tips here will give you the best results when scanning line art.

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