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As it is used in desktop publishing, resolution refers to the dots of ink or electronic pixels that make up a picture whether it is printed on paper or displayed on-screen.

Resolution Basics for Beginners
Resolution, scanning, and graphics size is a vast and often confusing topic, even for experienced designers. For those new to desktop publishing it can be overwhelming. Before you panic at the thought of what you don't know about resolution, focus on what you do know and some basic, easy to understand facts. Get the resolution basics.

Resolution Inch by Inch: SPI, PPI, DPI, LPI Demystified
Tutorial takes an indepth look at various measures of resolution. DPI is often used improperly for many resolution measures. Learn the correct terminology.

Measuring DPI: Printer Resolution
DPI (dots per inch) is probably the most familiar and most misused measure of resolution. For desktop publishing, it is probably the least important measure as well.

Measuring LPI: Halftone Resolution
LPI (lines per inch) is an important measurment related to the way printers reproduce photographic images.

Measuring PPI: Display Resolution
PPI (pixels per inch) is how a monitor displays an image. How an image looks on screen is determined by the resolution of the monitor — the number of pixels it can display in a given area.

Measuring SPI: Image Resolution
SPI (samples per inch) is a measurement of image resolution. To reproduce an image the scanner takes a sampling of portions of the image measuring the value at a specific place in a scanned image.

LPI Chart and LPI Formulas
Talk to your printer about the specific LPI you should be using. Use this chart to get an idea of the typical LPI needed based on method of printing and type of paper.

Pick Your Scanning Resolution
The best resolution to scan your images depends on how it will be used - on screen or in print.

Scanning Resolution Calculator
Use this online calculator to determine the resolution you need when scanning images for different types of printing.

Use Consistent Screen Resolution for Screen Captures
Quick tip addresses screen resolution.

Use Filters to Improve a Low Resolution Image
Here's an easy way to improve the appearance of low resolution images.

What halftones are and how they are used in DTP
LPI, a type of resolution, is important when producing halftones.

Capture the Highest Resolution Your Camera Offers
Forgo small file size in favor of getting as much detail and information as you can. "Digital images can always be scaled down and compressed for other purposes later," says Graphics Software Guide Sue Chastain.

Increasing Image Resolution
When you didn't capture enough resolution during scanning or with your digital camera, learn ways to bump up the resolution with these steps from Graphics Software Guide Sue Chastain.

Often associated with scanners, software does interpolation too. Graphics Software Guide Sue Chastain explains the interpolation-resolution connection.

Graphics Software Guide Sue Chastain explains resampling and its connection to resolution.

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