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Zoom Tool in QuarkXPress

Change your magnification view in QuarkXPress


There are some differences in keyboard shortcuts between version 5 and up and earlier versions of QuarkXPress, on both the Mac and Windows platforms. Unlike versions prior to 5, the Macintosh Control key in version 5 activates a context-sensitive menu and Zoom requires Control+Shift+click. Change this in the Preferences dialog box to make the Zoom options act like earlier versions of QuarkXPress.

Try all of these options for viewing your document:

  • Select the Zoom tool (magnifying glass) in the Tools palette then click anywhere in your publication to zoom in at preset increments. Hold down the Opt (Mac) or Alt (Win) keys to Zoom out when the Zoom tool is selected. Change the preset increments using the Tool Preferences dialog. When in zoom in mode, your mouse pointer becomes a magnifying glass with a plus sign. In zoom out mode, the magnifying glass has a minus sign.

  • To Zoom In or Out without selecting the Zoom tool, from the View menu select Fit in Window, 50%, 75%, Actual Size, 200%, or Thumbnails.

  • Make Guides viewable only at specific magnifications. This is useful when using guides for precise placement of elements. They are only visible when zoomed in but disappear when zooming out. Hold the Shift key when placing a guide to lock the guide to the current view percentage.

  • The current magnification is shown in a percentage field in the lower left of the screen. To jump to the field and highlight the percentage, type Control-V (Mac) or Ctrl-Alt-V (Win). Type in the desired zoom percentage and press the Return/Enter key.

  • For a Thumbnail view of your document, type T in the magnification percentage field, then press the Return/Enter key.

  • To fit the largest spread in the Window hold the Option (Mac) or Alt (Windows) key while choosing Fit in Window from the View menu or press Cmd+Opt+0(zero) (Mac) or Ctrl+Alt+0(zero).

  • Zoom in or Out at preset increments, zoom to Fit in Window, Actual Size, or to view Thumbnails, or quickly change to certain preset views (5 and up) using the shortcuts in the table, below.

    Note that sometimes the same keystroke will behave differently depending on the current view when using the preset views. That's why Option+click (for instance) may be listed as a zoom shortcut more than once.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Shift+F6 Shift+F6
Zoom Mac Windows
Zoom in
(zooms to the next higher preset magnification setting)
Control+Shift and Click
pre-5: Control+click
pre-5: Ctrl+Shift+right click
Zoom out
(zooms to the next smaller preset magnification setting)
Control+Option+click Ctrl+Alt+Spacebar+click
pre-5: Ctrl+Shift+right click
Fit in Window Cmd+0 (zero) Ctrl+0 (zero)
Actual Size Cmd+1 Ctrl+1
Mac: Any view to Actual Size (caps lock on)
Win: Any view to Actual Size
Option+click Ctrl+1
Mac: Actual Size to Fit in Window (caps lock on)
Win: Any view to Fit in Window
Option+click Ctrl+0(zero)
Any view to 200% Cmd+Opt+click Ctrl+Alt+click
200% to Actual Size Cmd+Opt+click Ctrl+Alt+click
+ means "and" that is, Ctrl+Spacebar means hold down the Control and Spacebar keys simultaneously. +click means to click with the mouse while holding down the specified keys.

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