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QR Code Ideas for Personal Projects

Have fun with QR codes for parties and other activities


QR codes may be a way for businesses to build connections between their print marketing materials and their online presence, but individuals can make their own QR codes too. If you and your friends are all smartphone users then QR codes provide a fun or novel way to interact.
If you aren't familiar with the way QR codes work, how to create them, explore QR Codes and Desktop Publishing — including what to make your QR code do.

1. Name Tags

The name is right there in black and white, right?
Create a QR code for name tags. You could put the same code on all the name tags that sends a Twitter tweet about your awesome party. Or, use name tags as party ice breakers by personalizing a code for each person with some interesting or funny information about the named person. You could write names too or leave off the names and see how many people have to scan the codes at your next high school or college reunion.

2. Invitations

You could weed out the less tech-savvy among your invite list by putting everything in code.
The QR code could be the centerpiece of your invitation by turning it into a designer QR code or simply add it inside for additional information. Code it to show a map, a calendar event, or generate an RSVP text message or email.

3. T-Shirt

Wear your code around town.
Create an iron-on transfer of a QR code and put it on a t-shirt. Use the code to send the curious to your personal Web site, generate a funny text message, or play a video. Just be sure you don't share too much personal information because you never know who might be scanning you.

4. Greeting Card

Put a personal QR code on the back of all the greeting cards you make and send out. Have it send recipients to your Facebook or MySpace page.

5. Secret Messages

Encode QR codes with secret messages then print them and send them to gadget loving family and friends. You could code it for daily inspirational quotes, chore or homework reminders, or words of encouragement.

6. Notes and Letters

Share online photo galleries and family videos with a QR code on a card or letter. Sure, you could send the link by email or text message but wouldn't a code be so much cooler? Are you moving or did you change phone numbers? Put a QR code on the note to help smartphone users easily add your new information to their contact lists.

7. Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt with a tech twist where friends or family have to find special QR codes, scan them, then follow the instructions. Use text messages, videos, or online photos to send them to locations around town or around your home to find objects or perform tasks. Incorporate QR codes into some of these scavenger hunt ideas:

8. Dating Cards

Try this twist on traditional and mobile dating. Print a few different QR codes on business cards and hand them out when you go out to a club or to a college frat party. You could code certain ones with your phone number, a flirty text message, or answers to pick-up lines and others with an It ain't never gonna happen text. Just make sure you hand the right card to the catch and the cad.

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