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Create a Peek-a-Boo Greeting Card in Microsoft Publisher 2010


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Fake The Look Of a Diecut For Fun
Fake peek-a-boo greeting cards in Publisher

It's not a real diecut but you can create a fake a peek-a-boo greeting card using Publisher 2010.

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With this tutorial we're aiming for the appearance that whatever is on the inside of your greeting card is showing through a small circular hole or diecut on the front of the card. In reality, there's just a portion of the same inside image printed on the front of the card. But the effect can be used for a quick bit of dramatic or comedic effect.

You may need: Microsoft Publisher
You need to know: diecut

If you don't have one of those fancy manual or electric diecut machines handy or just don't want to drag it out, this fake diecut method might work for you. Now you could absolutely get this effect (and a better version) using Photoshop but not everyone has Photoshop. What we're going for is having the front of the greeting card look as if there is a shape cut out of it and you're seeing what is printed on the inside of the card through the cut out. A few subtle shadows help create the illusion.

The first step is to set up our document and insert the picture we want to use.

Steps in This Tutorial

  1. this page Fake a Diecut
  2. Set Up Your Document and Insert Picture
  3. Add Pages
  4. Add Donut Shapes for Diecut
  5. Crop Picture
  6. Add Shape to Hide Shadow Edges
  7. Complete Inside Spread

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