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Create a Cute Baby Business Card Birth Announcement in Microsoft Publisher


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Add a Text Box
Draw a text box for baby name.

Draw a text box for the baby name and title. Choose a font you like (Freestyle Script is used here) and center the text within the text frame.

Microsoft Publisher 2010 Screenshopt includes free vectors at All Vectors; CC BY 3.0
The most important part of this birth announcement is also the simplest to create. Putting the baby's name on the card is usually a lot easier than choosing a name in the first place. The names used in this tutorial (Emily #6 Mia #9) are two of the most popular girl baby names of 2011. Having a boy? Check out these popular boy names.

Add Your Baby's Name and Title

  1. Select the Home tab.

  2. Select Draw Text Box (your cursor will change to crosshairs)

  3. Draw a rectangle in the approximate location where you want to put the baby's name. Precision isn't necessary, you can move the text box later.

  4. Once drawn your cursor will be in the text box waiting for you to type. Start typing your baby's name and any title you want to add. Since this is a business card I've added "Vice President of Cute & Cuddly" as a title. Use your imagination and make it whatever you want.

  5. Select the text you just typed and edit as necessary to change the line and paragraph spacing and the font and font size (and font color if you want). You can do this in any order (including making these changes before typing) but here's the settings used in the sample and template:

    • Baby name: Freestyle Script 26 point
    • Baby title: Freestyle Script 10 point
    • Paragraph settings (under the Home tab click on the little arrow under the Paragraph section to bring up the Paragraph dialog box or with your text box selected click on the Paragraph Spacing icon and then type P or choose Paragraph Spacing Options from the menu to bring up the Paragraph dialog): Alignment: Center | Line spacing: 0pt before & after paragraphs and .75sp Between lines.

Tutorial Steps

  1. Introduction
  2. Choose a Template
  3. Set Margins
  4. Add a Border
  5. Import Picture
  6. Crop Picture
  7. Position and Re-size Picture
  8. This page Add Text
  9. Add Text in Columns
  10. Format Bullet List
  11. Fine-tune Layout of Card #1
  12. Create Duplicate; Clear Cropping
  13. Re-crop Picture
  14. Position New Picture
  15. Fine-tune Layout of Card #2
  16. Get Template, Fonts, Images

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