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Create a Cute Baby Business Card Birth Announcement in Microsoft Publisher


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Announce the Arrival of Your New VP of Cute & Cuddly
Cute Baby Business Cards with allvectors.com illustration

Hand out business cards on your new baby's behalf. These Vice President of Cute & Cuddly cards feature a cute baby and heart-shaped bullets in the list of vital stats.

Design © Jacci Howard Bear; licensed to About.com; includes free vectors at All Vectors; CC BY 3.0
Instead of handing out cigars (or candy bars), hand out business cards. This simple business card birth announcement can be laid out in advance then simply pop in the vital stats (such as date of birth) when the baby arrives and print a bunch of cards on business card paper, separate, hand out to everyone you know. Use them in place of traditional cards or as an immediate announcement to friends and co-workers, sending more traditional cards to out-of-town friends and relatives.

On the next 14 pages I'll take you through the steps to recreate the design shown above or a similar one using Microsoft Publisher and free vectors of a cute baby in different poses. On the last page you can download a .PUB template that contains the two cards created in this tutorial (with PNG images, not the full vector file of baby poses).

Tasks You'll Learn

  • Choose an appropriate blank template.
  • Insert Borders & Accents.
  • Insert an .eps file and crop it in multiple ways.
  • Fine-tune a bullet list including changing the bullet style.

What You'll Need For This Tutorial

  1. Microsoft Publisher
    This tutorial uses Microsoft Publisher 2010. You may be able to achieve the same or similar look in other versions of Publisher although the steps, screens, and menus may differ from those shown.
  2. Business cards for your inkjet or laser printer.

  3. Cute Baby Illustrations
    Baby Vector is a free download from AllVectors.com and is the illustration used in this tutorial and the templates. The .eps file contained in the ZIP archive is distributed under a Creative Commons 3.0 license. See the terms of use.

Tutorial Steps

  1. This page Introduction
  2. Choose a Template
  3. Set Margins
  4. Add a Border
  5. Import Picture
  6. Crop Picture
  7. Position and Re-size Picture
  8. Add Text
  9. Add Text in Columns
  10. Format Bullet List
  11. Fine-tune Layout of Card #1
  12. Create Duplicate; Clear Cropping
  13. Re-crop Picture
  14. Position New Picture
  15. Fine-tune Layout of Card #2
  16. Get Template, Fonts, Images

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