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Make a Happy Ghost Halloween Card with Publisher 2010


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Insert Happy Halloween WordArt
Insert WordArt in Microsoft Publisher 2010.

Insert WordArt in Microsoft Publisher 2010.

Screenshot by J. Bear
Now, let's say Happy Halloween. While I could have just used the Draw Text Box tool then applied a few special effects, I wanted something a little fancier. So, I used WordArt. The font is Showcard Gothic.
  • From the Insert tab click on WordArt and you'll get a drop down showing several WordArt styles.
  • Click on a WordArt style and the Edit WordArt Text window opens (as seen in screenshot).
  • Choose a font and type your text; Click OK.

Once you've created your WordArt, the WordArt Tools Format tab becomes active. From that tab you'll have many options for customizing your WordArt including changing the fill and outline, adding shadow effects, and adding 3-D effects.

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