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Make a Happy Ghost Halloween Card with Publisher 2010


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Select a Template; Modify Margins
Modifying the margins for blank card template in Microsoft Publisher 2010.

Modifying the margins for blank card template in Microsoft Publisher 2010.

Screenshot by J. Bear
Publisher offers a wide array of pre-designed and blank templates. I started this project with a blank template for a side-fold, half-letter greeting card. It prints pages 1 and 4 (front and back) on one side of an 8.5x11 (letter size) sheet of paper in landscape orientation. Pages 2 and 3 (the inside) are left blank in the tutorial project. The downloadable Publisher template (last page of this tutorial) has placeholder text on the inside. You can put whatever you want on the inside. If you chose to do a card that is blank inside, it's not really necessary to use a 4-page template. You could simply design the whole thing on one side of a piece of letter size (or other size) paper that you print then fold in half.

Once a template is selected you can modify the margins.

  • From the Page Design tab click on Margins (indicated by arrow in screenshot) to get a drop down selection of presets.
  • You can choose one of the preset margin options from the drop down; or,
  • At the bottom of the presets click on Custom Margins to get the Layout Guides window (shown in screenshot).

Before going any further, it's a good idea to go ahead and save your publication (Under File tab or click on the disc icon in the upper left corner) so you don't lose your work from an accidental shut down.

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