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Creating a Template-based Greeting Card in Publisher 2010


After installing Microsoft Publisher 2010 I decided to start getting familiar with it by jumping in and creating a simple greeting card using one of the installed templates. I made a few changes, explored the template customization options, the Text Tool Box, and the Backstage View. I discovered a few quirks along the way but creating a basic card is not difficult at all. Take a quick tour and follow along as I made a birthday card in Publisher 2010.

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Available TemplatesPublisher Opens By Showing You TemplatesUse the drop-down to show only Installed Templates.View Installed TemplatesPublisher has templates for all kinds of personal and business documents.Available TemplatesGreeting Card Templates in Publisher 2010Greeting Card Template Categories
Birthday greeting card templates in Publisher 2010.All Birthday Card TemplatesInitially I chose the Birthday 66 template from the Publisher 2010 template selection.Choosing a Greeting Card TemplateA Color Scheme change in Publisher 2010 affects all the templates you're viewing.Customize the Color SchemeChanging the Layout changes the displayed layout for all the templates.Changing Layout Options Affects All Templates
After selecting a template in Publisher 2010 you're now ready to fine-tune it further.After Customization, Create Your CardChanging some text in Publisher 2010.Editing Template TextAfter creating your document you can still change color and font schemes in Publisher 2010. Make More Template ChangesEdit the font and color for selected text under the Text Box Tools Format tab in Publisher 2010.Change Text With Text Box Tools
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