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Microsoft Publisher 2010 Overview
The primary desktop publishing application in the Office 2010 suite is Publisher. Microsoft Publisher 2010 is available in the Professional Plus, Professional, and Standard editions of Office 2010. It is not part of the Home and Business or Home and Student editions. Word and PowerPoint are in all editions of Office 2010. Discover what's new and...

Microsoft Publisher 2010 Screenshot Gallery
Get a look at some of the new and improved features in Microsoft Publisher. These screenshots are from from Microsoft Publisher 2010 Beta edition.

Micrsoft Publisher 2010 - First Look
Creating a simple template-based greeting card in Microsoft Publisher 2010. Take a tour of the basics in Publisher 2010 by creating a greeting card from an installed template and making a few changes.

Microsoft Publisher User Reviews
Do you use Publisher? Like it, Love it, Hate it? Tell us about your experience with any version of Microsoft Publisher.See submissions

CAN: Grant MacEwan College
Edmonton, AB school has classes in Microsoft Publisher 2000 as part of its Business Outreach Part-time Learning program.

Multi-part Microsoft Publisher tutorial covers text and graphics features, navigation, and document creation.

About Article - PostScript & Publisher
Illustrated tutorial explains how to prepare PostScript files for commercial printing in Microsoft Publisher 98.

US: Sterling Ledet & Associates, Inc.
Offering Publisher seminars and classes in California, Georgia, Illinois, and Louisiana as well as on-site classes throughout the US.

About Tutorial - Guides Options
Use layout guides and ruler guides in Publisher.

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