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Self-Publishing Greeting Cards

From Jacci Howard Bear

Find tips on writing for greeting card publishers or getting your own custom-designed cards published. Learn how to start a home-based greeting card business.
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Australian Greeting Card Association
Get the facts on the greeting card industry down under. Download the What is a Greeting Card kit for history, industry facts, and getting started creating greeting cards. Good tips no matter where you live.

Gardening Greetins Home Business Profile
Read an interview with a greeting card publisher.

Greeting Card Association - UK
Based in London, the GCA provides the greeting card industry with resources and support. Get industry facts, learn what's needed to get started in the greeting card industry.

Greeting Card Association - US
Learn about the history of greeting card, the industry, publications for those interested in greeting card publishing, and programs for publishers.

Greeting Card Maker
Tips on starting a business centered around greeting cards. Also offers (for a fee) an eGuide titled "Breaking Into and Succeeding as a Greeting Card & Paper Craft Maker."

Greeting Cards Resources
This section of Writer's Write provides links, articles, a forum, and more information on writing for greeting card publishers, freelancing your work, and useful information for those wanting to create cards for resale.

Articles and resources for those writing or wanting to write for the greeting card market.

How to Start Greeting Cards Home Business
Be the writer, the artist, the vendor. This is an overview of some of the ways you might get started selling greeting cards.

Starting a Greeting Card Business
Q&A by PowerHomeBiz.com has tips on starting small and locally to build a greeting card business.

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