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Bookmark Marketing

Using Bookmarks in Your Business or Organization


Use bookmarks as part of your marketing campaign.

Use bookmarks as part of your marketing campaign.

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Traditional book publishing may have taken a hit from the ebook market where bookmarks are electronic rather than physical pieces of paper, but there are opportunities out there for getting your name out to the public using traditional bookmarks.

Bookmarks That Do Double Duty

Bookmarks can do more than just mark a spot in a book. Use any one or a combination of these ideas for your bookmarks to double up on the exposure your marketing message receives.
  • Business Card Bookmark
    Let your bookmark double as a business card. Double the length of a standard business card and fold it so that when unfolded you have a nice 2 in. by 7 in. bookmark. Folded, it fits into most business card holders but unfolded it's a bookmark with your business card info and plenty of room for more of your marketing message.

  • Coupon Bookmark
    Let your bookmark double as a coupon (either the whole thing or create a tear off section at one end).

  • Newsletter Bookmark
    Create a bookmark that's also a mini-newsletter. Pack a few choice tips onto a bookmark each month and mail out as an addendum to your regular newsletter or send with monthly invoices or other customer mailings to save postage. They're more likely to be kept and used (at least for a little while) instead of filed or trashed!

  • Two Business Bookmark
    Team up with another local business to cut costs or get wider distribution — your message on one side, theirs on the other. You could team with the business next door or a business that compliments your own (such as children's clothing boutique and a specialty toy store).

  • Mobile Bookmark
    Don't just print your Web address on the bookmark. Tie your print marketing in with your online or mobile marketing by incorporating a QR code into the design of your bookmark. Use your QR code on the paper bookmark to bookmark your Web site. (Do print your URL on the bookmark too.)

Bookmark Design Tips

  • Make your bookmark more than just a marketing message. Recipients may be more inclined to keep using the bookmark if it contains useful information, something entertaining, or it's simply a beautiful bookmark. Brand it, yes, but make it more than just another ad — unless it's a really clever, entertaining, or beautiful ad.

  • There are no real standards for bookmark size and shape. Two inches by eight inches may be a good starting point though. Use as much room as you need to include your marketing message (without turning the bookmark into a brochure or a book!).

  • Use both sides. Even if you're message fits nicely on one side, use both. You might add space for taking notes (with some evenly spaced lines) and just put your logo on the back but do try to use all that bookmark real estate.

  • Laminated bookmarks last longer.

  • Use a sturdy card stock.

  • Add your handwritten note or signature for a personal touch.

  • Design a set of bookmarks (the same or each slightly different) with perforations for those people who like to bookmark multiple pages in a book or read many books at once. One sheet may be easier to keep track of and the user can simply tear the bookmarks at the perforations to use individually.

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