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Careers in Desktop Publishing


Do you make a living or want to make a living doing desktop publishing? Find professional associations, publications, and career advice for those in the field of desktop publishing including in-house designers, freelancers, and teachers. Find a job in graphic design, desktop publishing, or Web design. Get salary and occupational outlook information. Learn how to start a desktop publishing or graphic design business.
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Training and Education

Discover the educational requirements for working in the field of desktop publishing and graphic design. Obtain formal or informal desktop publishing training, join professional associations or online communities, read magazines and newsletters on design and publishing topics, explore the teaching and use of desktop publishing in the K12 classroom.

K-12 Classroom

Are you a teacher? Find ways to use desktop publishing in the classroom or find resources for teaching desktop publishing.

Freelance Design

Start a freelance graphic design business doing graphic design and desktop publishing or Web design. Be your own boss. Create a business plan, learn how to run your own small business, set prices, do marketing, and find clients.

In-House Design & Publishing

Desktop Publishing is one the ten fastest growing occupations in the United States. Desktop publishing and graphic design jobs are found primarily in the printing and publishing industries although some work "in-house" at various firms, government agencies, and educational institutions.

Find desktop publishing and graphic design jobs. Explore salaries, education, and economic outlook for desktop publishing-related employment and careers in Web Design.


Desktop publishing or graphic design portfolios should be more than just a few samples thrown into a folder. Potential employers or clients use examples of your work to help determine whether they want to hire you. The samples you choose for graphic design portfolios and how you present them can affect whether or not you get the job. Learn how to prepare a portfolio, what goes in it, how to develop one when you are a new designer, how to choose a case, and how to use graphic design portfolios to get a job or land a client.

Business Templates

HP Business Identity Kits

Whether you have your own desktop publishing business or your a small business owner doing your own desktop publishing, get help with the design of common business documents. Download, customize, and print templates for business cards, letterhead, forms, and presentations.

Software for Professional and Business Use

Adobe Creative Suite Desktop Publishing Software

Freelance and in-house designers need to professional tools. Small or home-based businesses can often use specialty programs for specific types of business documents.


Many non-designers use desktop publishing to publish their own books and newsletters. Look here for tips, guidelines, templates, and checklists for self-publishing newsletters, booklets, books, and more.

Pick Another Path to Explore

If you want a career in desktop publishing you need in-depth knowledge of the software, the vocabulary, and all the tasks and techniques involved in graphic design, page layout, typography, prepress, and printing.

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